Why buy a puppy from one of us?
Much of the success you will have with your puppy depends upon what happened to your puppy before it came to you. Its genetic background, early conditioning, health and socialization are the result of the breeder's efforts. Not all breeders are conscientious. Commercial establishments, pet shops, and "puppy mills" seldom have the time to give the individualized attention that puppies and new puppy owners need. This is why it is so important to make sure that you investigate your puppy's breeder and background before making your choice. An AKC registration number is not an indication of the puppy's social background, temperament or breed-type quality.

American Bloodhound Club breeders are required to sign and adhere to the ABC Code of Ethics. They have spent a lifetime studying genetics, nutrition, structure, and movement. Their purpose in breeding is to produce a dog as close to the standard as possible. They research pedigrees for correct type and freedom from genetic defects. They keep an extensive library of books and periodicals on the breed and have a huge investment in time and money in order to fulfill their objective.

More important than all of that, they are happy to assist you in all phases of your relationship with your dog for as long as you own him. This is a love affair for the American Bloodhound Club breeder as there is no money to be made in breeding Bloodhounds properly. This table shows some of the differences between the most common types of breeders you will likely encounter in your search.

Please feel free to contact the advisor in your area for information on breeders and puppies.

Primary Breeder Referral Advisor

Molly Nye
(704) 849-7920
email: Mns4@aol.com


Anne Legge
(540) 327-4260
email: annelegge@comcast.net


Ed Kilby
(386) 788-0137
email: SpruceCreekBH@aol.com

North Central

Please use primary contact
until position is filled.
email: Mns4@aol.com

South Central

Elaine Woodson
(254) 865-5662
email: ridgerunner@embarqmail.com


Suzi Paine
(253) 535-1408
email: themaja@comcast.net


Please use primary contact
until position is filled.
email: Mns4@aol.com