Why is there a breed rescue?
There are as many reasons why a Bloodhound ends up in a breed rescue situation as there are rescue Bloodhounds. Generally, people will see that very obviously cute puppy and have no idea how large that dog is going to get. They have no idea of the slobber they can spew and how active they really can be. Sometimes the owner just decides he doesn't want a dog anymore. Sometimes the owner's situation changes making it necessary to turn the dog into rescue. Many Bloodhounds turn up in shelters as strays because of inadequate fencing, ignorance on the part of the owner as to how important that scent is to the dog and they let them out the front door for a run. Most often the dog is in a rescue situation through no fault of his own.

For these reasons there are volunteers out there who have chosen, because they love the breed, to rescue these dogs and find responsible homes for them. This is a heartbreaking task, but the satisfaction that comes from rescuing and adopting a Bloodhound in need is like no other.

If you've decided a Bloodhound is the right breed for you, consider adopting a rescue. Please feel free to contact the breed rescue organization in your area for information on how to adopt a rescue Bloodhound.

Bloodhound Rescue Directors and Groups in the US
Southwest Bloodhound Rescue
Susan LaCroix Hamil
(949) 494-1076
email: [email protected]

Pat Moffitt
(707) 565-3940
email: [email protected]

Riverside Bloodhound Rescue

Dr. Marybeth Cline, DVM
email: [email protected]
Southeast Bloodhound Rescue
Leanne Dayvolt
(5 PM - 9 PM EST M-F, 9 AM - 9 PM Sat,Sun)
email: [email protected]

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue
Suzi Paine
email: [email protected]

Sonnya Crawford DVM
email: [email protected]

Janis Hardy
email: [email protected]

Southcentral Bloodhound Rescue
Emily Williams
email: [email protected]