The Bloodhound as a Family Pet
Sue Ruff
A Bloodhound can be the world's most wonderful pet - IF. But it's a big if. Bloodhounds are gentle and loving - but big and bumbling. They can be high maintenance pets, because having a happy, well-behaved Bloodhound in your home requires lots of time and effort. A bloodhound may be the dog for you IF you have lots of time and patience. Bloodhounds can be stubborn, and training a Bloodhound requires tons of both. You can't just tell a bloodhound what to do, the way you can a spaniel. IF you don't mind the mess and slobber that come with a big, jowly dog that loves mud and rolling in things, the stinkier the better. IF you have a sense of humor as good as your Bloodhound's.

Puppies are a special challenge. A Bloodhound puppy requires a great deal of exercise; the only "good" puppy is a tired puppy. It will follow its nose into trouble again and again. Bloodhounds have been known to eat towels, batteries, remote controls, antique rockers, car seats, - every bloodhound owner can add to the list - and they often require expensive surgery after one of these tasting adventures. They can be fence jumpers, climbers, and diggers. They have to be walked on leash, and can pull as hard as a truck.

If you don't think life would be worth living without a Bloodhound, you probably qualify as a Bloodhound owner. If you're not convinced, you should think twice or three times. You don't "own" a Bloodhound: it owns you!