While the standard calls for the average and ideal height of an adult male Bloodhound to be between 25" to 27", you will see them as large as 32" or more at the shoulders. The bitches average a bit smaller (23" to 25"), but you will still see a few reach the height of 28" or more. They can weigh up to 130# or more. While you will also find them smaller than the standard, these are not small dogs by any means. This pretty much puts their tails at coffee table height. They do not reach their full weight and body type until 2-3 years of age and their brains seem to follow that trend.

Recognized Bloodhound Colors
The Bloodhound comes in 3 colors: Black and Tan, Liver and Tan (Red and Tan) and Red (Tawny). A small amount of white is allowed on the chest, feet and the tip of the tail. While there are variations of these colors, they still fall into one of these color patterns. A predominantly black where the black "saddle" covers most of the body except for some red on the legs and face is often referred to as a "black" but is still considered a Black and Tan. This can go the other way also, where the saddle on the black and tan or liver and tan can be badgered or even just a few dark hairs. The variation in the "red" color can be anywhere from a light tan to a deep red. Below are examples of the three colors.
Black and Tan
black and tan
Liver and Tan
liver and tan

head While still in proportion the ideal Bloodhound has a large head and wrinkled face with pronounced lips and throat giving him a solemn expression. The eyes are deep sunken and the lids form a diamond shape. The skin may pull the lower eyelids down giving that "morning after" look. The ears hang low and are long and soft. The neck is long, allowing the hound to follow a trail with his nose to the ground without tiring. profileThe shoulders should be muscular and sloped back with good angulation front and rear. The chest should be deep with the ribs well sprung. Feet should be well knuckled and the coat is short.

The image on the left shows the facial coloration on a Liver and Tan.