The American Bloodhound Club
Bulletin Articles

summer 1996 coverSummer 1996 Issue

How to Trim a Bloodhound
for the Show Ring

by Karen Crary

Life With Lexy
by Christy Ruff

fall 1996 coverFall 1996 Issue

Those Wonderful Bloodhound Ears
by Karen Leshkivich, DVM
Puppy-Proofing Your Home
by Paula Travis
Old Dogs Remembered
Author Unknown

spring 1997 coverSpring 1997 Issue

Getting it right from the Start

by Betsy Copeland
A Bitch Session
by Corrina Cooke
What it Actually Means to Have a Dog
by Chad Harris & Luca

fall 1997 coverFall 1997 Issue

Bloodhound Legends
American/Bermudian CH. The Rectory's Limbo
by Daphne Myers
Summer 2004 Cover Summer 2004 Issue

Ask the Dogtor
by Karen Leshkivich, D.V.M.

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