All American Bloodhound Club members must sign and adhere to
the American Bloodhound Club Code of Ethics shown below.

As a member of the American Bloodhound Club:
  • I agree not to engage in the practice of providing any Bloodhound to any individual, commercial wholesaler, or retailer for the purpose of resale.

  • I agree that if any Bloodhound on whose papers I am shown as either the breeder or co-breeder becomes a part of any breed rescue program, that upon written notification either I will assume financial responsibility for those Bloodhound expenses to which I agree and assist the Rescue Chairperson in finding suitable placement, or I will resume custody of the Bloodhound.

  • I agree that we will provide each buyer of our Bloodhounds with accurate records regarding pedigree and certificate of health which includes the name, address, and telephone number of the attending veterinarian.

  • I agree to provide a written contract/agreement for each sale or service which includes special conditions related to that sale.

  • I agree not to promote indiscriminate breeding practices by using the advertising of availability of "breeding pairs", "stud dogs", or "bitches in whelp for sale", in my effort to sell my Bloodhounds.

  • I agree not to release any puppy to its new owner prior to seven weeks of age or what the local ordinance states.

  • I agree to act in a sportsmanlike manner and not deliberately degrade other exhibitors/breeders or their dogs.

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