Section II - Rules that Apply to General Membership                                            page 1 of 1

Date Originated - July 27, 2010
Page Amended
1.0       Disclosure: Please be advised of the positioned regulation to all individual members, regional clubs, event chairs and/or outside entities - our new e-communications system utilizing the [email protected] address is only available on a pre-authorized basis obtained strictly by the ABC President and/or Board of Directors; and/or, its original use for time-sensitive club announcements also at the direction of the Board, or the broadcasting of e-publications.
 1.1       While member e-mail addresses can easily be otherwise assembled for such usage, there will be no international, national or regional e-mail database(s) distributed from Membership, nor information disseminated in broad scope by proxy of any other means than as specified.  
 1.2       In an attempt to uphold the trust of our membership body, let  it be explicitly noted that  these means will not be used in reference to ’blast’ invasion or misuse of individual contact information by spamming for such things as raffle tickets, trophy donations, fund-raising efforts, private or  individual member solicitations, etc.
1.3      It is further noted that the forwarding of American Bloodhound Club specific electronic communications and correspondence is to be used solely within the confines of club membership in good standing. Unless a disclaimer appears for permission to forward and cross-post where there is involvement of non-ABC members, it is expressly prohibited to do so; most especially communications containing 'members area only' password content.
1.4     All in-house Club correspondence and Club publications are not for personal use and may not be distributed by electronic file attachment, by hardcopy  print, nor allowed to be posted on any other website but the official one stated herein as, are Copyright © American Bloodhound Club, all rights reserved, and remain the sole  property of the American Bloodhound Club, Inc.
1.5      The ABC e-Communications System e-mail address of [email protected]  currently being utilized may be changed at the discretion of the e-Communications System Officer as deemed necessary for ISP reasons, and will not require a majority Board vote.  Should this change ever be implemented,  the new address will immediately be announced to the President and Board of Directors, and be published to the membership in a subsequent Newsletter.